Donnerstag, 9. Februar 2012

It arrives ........!!!!!!!!!

My party package arrives!

Oh my, such wonderful items were inside - I'm such a lucky person, beeing paired with Jo! The pieces are so elegant, such wonderful and harmonizing colours - Jo, you totally meet my taste!

Do you like to take a look at this unique pieces?
Here we are....

Here's a photo from the whole treasure - look, is'nt it dreamlike?

And here some shots from the details:
some pale green freshwater pearls and copper beads

A wonderful focal heart - a carved piece of a variscite, a phosphore-based stone.
Look at this georgeous shades of browns, turquoises and greens!

Some colour fitting smoky quartz beads:

And .... finally .... :

A harmonizing piece of olivine silk ribbon,
and a charming copper owl clasp with a touch of antique patina,
handmade by Joanne!!!

Is'nt it lovely? Jo, I think if you start serial production with this owl, people would fight over to get one piece!

Can't await to start a unique design with this wonderful pieces.
I already got some ideas in mind.... let's see if they could be realized!

Greetinsg, yours Michi