Mittwoch, 24. April 2013

Vorbereitungen .... / preparations ....

...für das Wochenende in Pillichsdorf ... hoffentlich habe ich genug.

Wenn man jedoch den Erfahrungen, die man die Male zuvor gemacht hat vertraut, sind alle Vorbereitungen so kurz vor einem Markt total stressig, zermürbend anstrengend und .... völllllig für die "Würst" - gekauft wird meist das, was ohnehin schon bereit lag ;0)

Handyanhänger / cell phone charms

...for the weekend in Pillichsdorf ... hope it's enough all in all.
But - as experience teaches - normally the time before a market is always stressy, back-breaking exhausting and ... surely for the birds ;0) People will buy things, you already have had in stash before.
ein paar Herzchen für den Muttertag / some hearts for Mother's Day

Have a lovely day! Habt noch einen wunderhübschen Tag, meine Lieben!
Eure Michi

Sonntag, 21. April 2013

Drawing of the BSBP give-away

Wow 60 lovely comments on my blog post about the Bead Soup Blog Party - I'm totally overwhelmed! Thank you all so much for your complimentary words, you got me smile from ear to ear! :0)

As promised, I will draw the winners for these butterfly beads today.

I put all your lovely words in an Excel-sheet and gave them a number from 1 to 60.....

Let's ask random......
Winner No. 1

And that is..... drum roll ..... ;0)

 Congratulation Francy, you're winner No. 1 and can choose your bead! :0)

And the second draw:
Winner No. 2

And that is.....

Congratulation also to you, Mags! :0)

Please - Francy and Mags - get in contact with me, I'll need your postal adresses - you can find my e-mail details at the register "Kontakt & Impressum"!

Have a nice and sunny Sunday, all y'all!
xoxo, Michi

Donnerstag, 18. April 2013

Meine nächste Ausstellung / next market

p.s.: If you're looking for my BSBP-post.... it's here ;0)


Nach einer ereignisreichen und anstrengenden Woche freue ich mich, Euch endlich hier meinen nächsten Ausstellungstermin ankündigen zu können.

Hier noch schnell die Fakten - es würde mir große Freude bereiten, den einen oder anderen von Euch wiederzusehen, neu kennenzulernen und ein gemütliches Pläuschchen zu führen!

Die Anschrift:
Puppen & Bärenausstellung Pillichsdorf

Hauptplatz 25
2211 Pillichsdorf

Und noch ein kleiner Tipp am Rande: zur gleichen Zeit findet dort das Kellergassenfest statt (wo übrigens Sabine vertreten sein wird :0)) - also die Gelegenheit für einen netten Ausflug am Wochenende!
Freu mich auf Euch!
Liebe Grüße, Eure Michi

Samstag, 13. April 2013

7th Bead Soup Blog Party- 2nd reveal

I'm very pleased to get the opportunity one more time, to take part in Loris wonderful organized Bead Soup Blog Party. It's the second reveal now, and I already saw a lot of really great items in the first reveal.

For me it's now the 4th time to took part at this great event, the 3rd time in the official Bead Soup Blog Party. And I get more inspired and more inspired, the often I took part.... :0))

If you're not aware of the Bead Soup Blog Party - you can take a qick look,what it's all about at Loris Blog - here: click

This time I was paired with Elaine Robitaille (Too Aquarius), she's an outstanding polymer clay artist from Canada. More than one month ago, I got such a charming Soup from her (here you can take a look at it). So much lovely components, beautiful colours and amazing detail work from my partner. I immediately had a lot of ideas, what to do with it. But - I also wanted to integrate some of my own work to prove how polymer will work with glass.

So - here's, what I came up with......three pieces in all, and I can tell you: I'm so happy with all three of them!
But be warned - I took a lot of photos .... :0)

First I made a necklace with the lovely flower focal bead from Elaine. I found a big chinese coin in my stash, thrilled two holes in it, and used it to give the focus on the lovely focal.

I attached a sweet small brass watch and a brass heart to the coin. Thanks to my friend Sabine who assited me with this pieces - you can't imagine, how hard it is here in Austria to get nice brass components.

I also used the brass toogle, the filigree components (both connected to one - so it fit's well as a spacer), some beautiful clay flower beads and these cute little birdie (knew it at the moment, I saw it - it will be part of one of my pieces ;0)) - all of them from my partner Elaine. Then I added some green czech glass beads, some of my own solid coloured lampwork beads, some matching Swarovski beads, a brass chain and a vibrant pink silk cord to finish the composition.

 "It's time for spring" 

And I also made some matching earrings with those wonderful matching flower charm beads from Elaine.

And here the whole set once again:

Then I decided to make a second piece with one of my lampwork beads as a focal, using some of the charming clay flowers from Elaine to complement it. You have to know, I'm infected with a strong butterfly-virus at the moment  ;0) - of course nothing else could be the motif of my focal.

"There's a butterfly in my garden"  


And because it took me more than one attempt, to be happy with the colours of my focal I have a little give-away for you here - which will be drawn from all those (hopefully lovely ;0))) comments on this blog thread. The first drawn person could choose (more or less organic), the second person will get the other one. You can leave your comment until Saturday, 13th of April 2013. .... uups it's already Saturday, 13th so I've made a mistake, sorry - you can comment until Saturday, 20th ;0)

Butterfly-Beads Giveway / Front and Back

And last but not least I will invite you to visit also the blog of my partner Elaine here, to see what she was making with my Soup as well as all those other participants - I promise you, you will be overwhelmed! Here you can found a list of all of them: click

Thank you for stopping by!
xoxo, yours Michi

Sonntag, 7. April 2013

Blue stream

Ein anstrengendes Wochenende in Obertauern liegt hinter mir. Und wer das Örtchen kennt weiß, dass das nicht an der skisportlichen Betätigung dort liegt ... ;0)

Hier noch schnell bevor die neue Woche startet ein Perlchen vom Beginn der letzten - zu viel mehr bin ich seither leider nicht gekommen. Ich hoffe, die nächste wird nach einer gewissen Regenerationsphase wieder etwas ergiebiger.

I had a very exhausting weekend in Obertauern, and if anyone knows that place in Austria, he knows that skiing activities didn't cause this exhausting effect.... ;0)

Before the new week will start, I show you a bead from the beginning of the last one - I wasn't able to manage more than this one. Hope, the next week will be more creative after a short period of regeneration.

Till next week, startet gut in die neue Woche!
xoxo, Michi