Dienstag, 5. März 2013

It's here ;0)

After a stressful day of work with prospect of a no less exhausting evening (both of my girlies will have an English test in a few days) I really needed a bit of cheering-up...

What should I say: forgot all about when I arrived home - the wonderful bead soup package from Elaine was waiting for me there :0))

With so many delicious pieces - I'm totally overwhelmed!
Take a look at all these wonderful goodies, I've got:

It arrived in elegant brown boxes, with a charming card
(painted by a friend of her).
It shows an area near to Elaines home.

Unpacked goodies :0)

And here are some detailed photos:
Some amethyst stones, a beautiful brass clasp as well as some brass findings, a strand of  fluorite rondelles and one of round green jasper beads.

A lot of lovely clay flowers in natural beige, purple, lilac, brown and pink, some green/brown leafs, and one charming and tiny butterfly in purple
(- oh no: forgot to zoom it in the photo, can you see it?)

And an adorable, near-natural clay flower focal
(with two matching smaller ones),
as well as a cute little clay birdie, I immediately fell in love with.
A lot of ideas what to do with already going round my head ...
We'll see us here on April, 6th for blog party time - stay tuned! :0)
xoxo, Michi