Sonntag, 21. April 2013

Drawing of the BSBP give-away

Wow 60 lovely comments on my blog post about the Bead Soup Blog Party - I'm totally overwhelmed! Thank you all so much for your complimentary words, you got me smile from ear to ear! :0)

As promised, I will draw the winners for these butterfly beads today.

I put all your lovely words in an Excel-sheet and gave them a number from 1 to 60.....

Let's ask random......
Winner No. 1

And that is..... drum roll ..... ;0)

 Congratulation Francy, you're winner No. 1 and can choose your bead! :0)

And the second draw:
Winner No. 2

And that is.....

Congratulation also to you, Mags! :0)

Please - Francy and Mags - get in contact with me, I'll need your postal adresses - you can find my e-mail details at the register "Kontakt & Impressum"!

Have a nice and sunny Sunday, all y'all!
xoxo, Michi