Samstag, 12. Januar 2013

Memories and Thanks Blog Hop

Hello dear visitor,

today is the day for a very special blog hop on the net.

A few time ago, a friend of Lori Anderson - Marianna - passed away. Marianna always wanted to participate in one of Lori's lovely organzied blog hops. But she never got the chance to do, she died before.

So today we think of you, dear Marianna wherever you are now. It's a hop both for you and all those people in our live, who mean a lot for us. For me it's too a way for telling my daughters, how much they mean for my life!

To my sweeties

I'd never imagined to be a mother, before you came and
suffused my beeing with sunlight.

You brought the spring into my life!

You're the beat of my heart, and the air that I breathe!

You are the tree of my life, deeply ingrained in my soul!

You're still teenies, on your way to discover the values of your life ....

.... and start to find your own path.....

... but when you'll spread your wings one day.....

.... I hope your flight will be a beautiful, happy and stirring one!

With all my love,

Dear Marianna, I tried to use your favourite colours and components
to tell my two girlies, how much I love them. I thank you  for the possibility,
to do it in this way!

Warm regards, Michi

p.s. to the readers:
Please visit also all the other participants of this special blog hop
- you'll find them here:
I'll promise you, it will touch you deeply! I'm afraid of not beeing able to do the same on this weekend, because I'll be in Germany. But I'll catch up on Monday for sure!

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I tried my best to find the right words in English, pls. forgive me if some of my sentences doesn't make any sense or for any mistakes....